Laurie Hernandez – floor progression

Laurie Hernandez is one of the floor exercise’s rising stars in the junior ranks, so I thought it might be fun to follow her progression through various floor exercises over the years. 2010 is the earliest I was able to find on YouTube.

2010 Elite Qualifier

Tumbling passes: double pike, front handspring-front layout-front tuck, 3/2 layout.

2011 Elite Qualifier

Tumbling passes: 3/2 layout to front layout, double pike, front handspring to front layout 1/1, double tuck.

Notes: I love how well she handles all of the music mishaps before the routine! Her smile is infectious.

2012 Secret Classic

Tumbling passes: punch front layout to 2/1 front layout, 3/2 layout to 1/1 front layout, double pike, 5/2 layout.

Notes: same music as 2011, but I think the choreography and Laurie’s ability to interpret the music have obviously matured a lot in a year. This is the routine that first hooked me as a Laurie fan.

2013 P&G Classic

Tumbling passes: double arabian, piked full-in, punch front layout to 2/1 front layout, double pike.

Notes: I love this new routine! I think it really showcases Laurie’s personality and she seems to be enjoying herself on the floor.

Well, someone has certainly always been a dynamic (and flexible!) little firecracker! I always think it’s interesting to follow an athlete’s progress on a certain event, and on floor especially it’s easy to see growth not only in a gymnast’s difficulty but also in dance ability. I believe that Laurie has stated that she’ll be keeping her 2013 routine next year as well, so it should be interesting to see how she and her coaches choose to fine tune and/or upgrade pieces of the routine in the future.



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